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Hello everyone!!

Dis-Info has recently switched to a membership site. We simply can not provide the level of material that we have been providing for free.

Charges are a reasonable $ 19.95 for a five month subscription.

Members have access to all reports, and predictions.

Memberships may be purchased by hitting the "Membership" tab at the top of the page.

Feel free to submit any questions through the "contact" tab.

If you are new to the site feel free to browse the former reports and don't forget to check out the "Past Member Material" tab to the right. This is where we post past member material, predictions and intel.

Thank You for your dedication!


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Donald Trump sprays Lysol in his hair!

Lady Gaga's new single "Perfect Illusion" is a joyful slice of sh%$it!

Black Students Harassed With Bananas At American University! Later, White students harassed with Voodoo Masks and Spears at Morehouse College! Throughout the entire may lay, Mexicans unaffected - do not have a presence in the University system!

Cops pepper-spray 15-year-old girl who fell off her bike! Run over bike in squad car! Turn it in to recycling center for cash! Remarks to girl, while pepper spraying her : "Live with it blondie!' "It's a lot better than getting shot"! "I'll drop you off in Charlotte if you aren't careful"!

Chevy Chase enters alcohol program! Kicked out 10 days later for selling Oxy’s to staff!

16% of Americans could not locate Ukraine on a map!


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White House : Michelle Obama Moved To Tears after hearing young poets read ! Public responds : “Now, you know how we feel about you .. Michaelle"!

Does anyone realize that Gene Wilder just died? What many don’t know is that he secretly wanted to kick Johnny Depp’s ass! Publicly, he was know to lash out at Depp’s portrayal of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory! Introspectively, he was know to have a dart board with Depp’s picture on it! Many holes. Further, know to wail, “I’ll annihilate that Depp! Crush him like a lowly, fake tanned, Oompa Loompa”!!!

Black lives matter protestors storm runway at London City Airport! Hope to sue Airline Companies for interfering with their protest!

Arizona Mayor Refuses Invitation Written in 'Spanish/Mexican'! Although, has been seen at “Casa Bonita” dining establishment from time to time. Also, shown to have a gardener and housekeeper  from Santiago, Chile. Pool maintenance man from Bolivia.

Beyonce hates it when people sing happy birthday to her! But, loves to recite :'Humpty Dumpty', 'Jack and Jill', 'Little Miss Muffet', ‘Old Mother Hubbard', and her favorite, 'Itsy Bitsy Spider'!

Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the 49er's/US National Anthem! 49er merchandise skyrockets! Owner of the franchise makes multi-millions, instantly!!!! Kid Rock made his feelings clear about Kaepernick's actions by screaming “F**k Colin Kaepernick” while performing at a recent concert!!! Kid Rock merchandise becomes RELATIVE again, after years of dismal sales! He makes millions on the surge! .......... Can anyone see what’s really happening here?


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