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Hello everyone!!

Dis-Info has recently switched to a membership site. We simply can not provide the level of material that we have been providing for free.

Charges are a reasonable $ 19.95 for a five month subscription.

Members have access to all reports, and predictions.

Memberships may be purchased by hitting the "Membership" tab at the top of the page.

Feel free to submit any questions through the "contact" tab.

If you are new to the site feel free to browse! Don't forget to check out the "Past Member Material" tab to the right. This is where we post a sample of our important, serious past member material, predictions and "inside" intel. "Heavy"!!!!!! The "Past Member Material" page is also posted individually in the "free" section of this site.

Shticky News & Headlines are free,  real , random and peculiar news events with our overtones mixed in! The Worlds gone crazy! We know. Documented in real time!

Thank You for your dedication!


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Hillary Clinton said to be gorging herself on Mon Cheri chocolates and Dewars Scotch somewhere in the Adirondack Mountains! Megyn Kelly of Fox News reported to be her designated driver! Bill still out with hookers!

Nike introduces shoes with new self-tying laces!

Obama plans to move to new mansion close to the DC area in the Kalorama neighborhood. Framers busy broadening and re-sizing doorways so Michelle can fit through.

Amy Schumer now joining Hillary Clinton in the Adirondacks! Both are gaining weight.

Paid Protesters "Planning To Cause Chaos In DC" And Block Peaceful Inauguration For Trump! Trump says fine! Moves inauguration to Trump Towers in New York!

Kanye West Says He didn't vote! But, if he did he would have voted fore Trump! Recent hidden video has West saying the same thing about Clinton, before the election!


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One of the Last Remaining Routes to Europe for Refugees is also One Of The Deadliest! The Frito Lay Company, maker of Doritos, aims at starting a concession stand to assist! Bitcoin accepted!~

49ers player Colin Kaepernick Just Started A Black Panther-Inspired Youth Camp! AK-47 optional.

Halloween went off better that expected! Only 56 kids were admitted to hospitals for poisoned candy! 10% drop from last year.

Captured ISIS fighters are tortured! Forced to watch Major League Baseball World Series ---- with commercials!

Glenn Beck is awarded McDonalds famed and coveted "Pig Trough" award!!!! Recently consumed his 10,000th BIG MAC!

Huma Abedin didn't know classified, top secret emails were on Anthony Weiner's computer! Only thought there was underaged girls contact info!


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