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Hello everyone!!

Dis-Info has recently switched to a membership site. We simply can not provide the level of material that we have been providing for free.

Charges are a reasonable $ 19.95 for a six month subscription.

Members have access to all reports, and predictions.

Memberships may be purchased by hitting the "Membership" tab at the top of the page.

Feel free to submit any questions through the "contact" tab.

If you are new to the site feel free to browse the former reports and don't forget to check out the "100% correct" tab to the right. This is where our most accurate predictions and most popular past blogs are posted. 

Thank You for your dedication!


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Marijuana : More therapeutic for men, than women – recent study. Colorado smoke shop owners disagree! Site women as, “Always ready to burn”! Mistletoe went out decades ago. Want a chick to pay attention? Hold a bag of weed over your head! Results consistent.

Vancouver Housing Market Implodes: Average Home Price Plunges 20% In 1 Month - "The Market Is Devastated". Other opinions range from, “Its more affordable to .....  Holy Crap! It’s really more affordable!

Olympic weightlifter tests positive for rat poison, stripped of medal! Blames food in Rio.

Walmart’s rampant use of public Police services, Costs Taxpayers $5 Billion a year!

Tailor Swift Writes check for $1million for Louisiana flood victims. After handling fees, bank charges, municipal taxes, corporate non-waiver compliances, county assessments, charity worker benefits, solicitor percentage cuts and insurance, victims receive $175,000.

USA flies multiple bombers in “strategic power ploy” over Guam. Not well thought out! On landing, Guam makes the plane’s re-fueling team pay for the “petrol” in Chinese Yuan


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Donald Trump To Receive First Security Briefing. Briefing short. USA screwed.

55-foot tailored statue of nude woman spurs debate on Northern California tech campus. Hugh Hefner reluctant to endorse. Sites recent sale of Playboy Mansion. Hustler, Penthouse both in process of opinion.

Logan Airport. Muslim Nuclear Theorist paged over intercom. Outdated intercom malfunctions during the word “nuclear”. Does not pronounce! Airport guests hear “Muslim Theorist”. Mistake this for “Muslim Terrorist”! Crowd immediately explodes! Stampede readily reflects internal twitchiness, and general angst over suggestive terror attacks!

Pedestrian and motorist “tussle” in North Korea after "Pokemon Go"causes two men to fight. Pedestrian yells at honking motorist, “Pokemon will not allow me to move through crosswalk”! Motorist exits car. Punches man in gut. Clears crosswalk. Other motorists cheer!

Tim Cook says Apple will build its first Asia Pacific R&D center in China. Natives still having trouble pronouncing “Cook”. Seem to be saying “Kook”. English instructor consulted.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard settle divorce case for $7 million. Attorney fees cost $6 million


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