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Hello everyone!!

Dis-Info has recently switched to a membership site. We simply can not provide the level of material that we have been providing for free.

Charges are a reasonable $ 19.95 for a five month subscription.

Members have access to all reports, and predictions.

Memberships may be purchased by hitting the "Membership" tab at the top of the page.

Feel free to submit any questions through the "contact" tab.

If you are new to the site feel free to browse! Don't forget to check out the "Past Member Material" tab to the right. This is where we post a sample of our important, serious past member material, predictions and "inside" intel. "Heavy"!!!!!! The "Past Member Material" page is also posted individually in the "free" section of this site.

Shticky News & Headlines are free,  real , random and peculiar news events with our overtones mixed in! The Worlds gone crazy! We know. Documented in real time!

Thank You for your dedication!


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With the Compulsion of a Cock Roach!! NBA Player Bobby Brown draws his name on The Great Wall of China!!!!! 

Federal Reserve Bank of New York President William Dudley predicts that the U.S. central bank will hike interest rates by year’s end! Ya' know what we say ----- Utter rancid no way!

Sign Reading Trump That B*tch At Gas Station!!! Offends Local Residents! ---- That's just swell! Pay attention to the immaterial things that mean absolutely nothing!!!! Brain dead America! This is 'why' things like Obamacare, still stand!

Report : CIA Prepping For Possible Cyber Strike Against Russia!!!! ---- Like the CIA is going to announce to the public what they are going to do, beforehand!   Good Lord??!!!!!   Journalism??  Go eat another ding dong!

Does everyone realize that "Pole Dancing" is being considered for the Olympics?

30% Of Americans Have Debt That Is At Least 180 Days Past Due!!!!


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Khloe Kardashian Says Kim Isn’t Doing Well After "Traumatic" Robbery. Yea, well tell KHLOE and KIM that they should try the "trauma" that 50 MILLION AMERICANS on food stamps are going through! Or just shut up, and stop "traumatizing" the whole damn country when you open your filthy mouths!!

Dude Poses As A Donut Delivery Man To Sneak His Résumé Into Agencies! Kicked out after caught! For God Sake give the guy a job! Does ANYONE reward creativity anymore??

George Clooney is a fag. Plain and simple.

Police officers on paid leave after death of toddler in Hot Cop Car! WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! This is NOT what is meant by “Hot Box It”!

The USA bombed Yemen today!

WA Elementary School Must Allow After-School Satan Club! --- Elementary??? --- You got it! Breeding ground for future politicians in America!! Gotta have it.


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